Jamaicans, have we failed as a nation?

I am proud to be a citizen of Jamaica; a proud patriot of the Jamaican culture. Over the years, we as citizens, have watched while our beloved country slowly loses its way. I am not afraid to say that we have lost our way a long time ago. The things that made us what we are and our culture deteriorate by the passing years. Why is this so? This is because we have failed as a nation. We adopted the culture of other countries and disbanded our own. No longer have we seen kids playing crickets in the streets, no longer have we keep with tradition and tell our children the sweet stories of brother Anancy and his friends, we no longer bond with each other without the use of technological advance technologies – smartphones and the internet. As a repercussion crime continuously ravage our streets, and then we wonder what we are doing wrong. We have stepped away from the moral attitudes and values that we were once praised for. We as a nation have failed to acknowledge that “people” is our greatest resource. Instead, we treat our people as insignificant.

The Jamaican music, reggae, and dancehall, usually produce a vibrant and cheering feeling of happiness. Today, Dancehall is described as being a nauseating cacophonic music that promotes violence and sexual atrocity amongst our youths. Dancehall music has lost its meaning; most persons associates Dancehall to be the ludicrous lyrics and frantic swaying of the body, instead of the cultural messages and rhythms. Most of the messages of Dancehall today are about murder, the guns, and belittling of our women.

However, we as citizens of the nation can take it back and stop the crime and violence, only if we work together as a team. Everything starts within the family. Parents should start teaching their children the values and moral attitudes of the country. The community and churches can also play their part to create mentor-ship programs that prove children with “real” role model figures; respectable persons of society that they can look up to. The government can play their part too as well to create policies and procedures that guide the people of the nation in a positive direction; a direction for the growth of our people.

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